Monday, May 4, 2009

Meet the designers - Clever Underwear

A newcomer to the underwear scene, Clever Underwear is a Columbian menswear label that (heh heh) cleverly manufactures brave, vivid prints and patterns with a sexy, aerodynamic look for virtually every discerning taste that today’s modern man desires. If fact, if you’re picky about your underwear, you’re the ideal customer – precious few underwear brands can boast their versatility, and yes, Clever Man Underwear is one of the precious few.

Clever Male Underwear’s stretchy cotton/spandex knits are a truly unique combination, with silkscreened and embellished prints to create a look that’s fun to wear, as the designers believe (and we agree) that your underwear should say something about you. Trust us, dudes – if Clever Underwear had a voice of its own, you’d hear shouts of joy mingled with hearty laughter and cries of ‘feels great to be so ALIIIIIIIVE!!!’ coming from inside your pants. Thankfully, underwear technology hasn’t reached that questionably desired point yet (unless of course somebody in Japan is working on a prototype), but even if that’s what you’re holding out for, you can just stick with Clever Underwear because that’s really all you need, anyway.

You’ll notice that the majority of Clever Underwear designs bring together a wide array of cohesive themes that cater easily to your multi-faceted lifestyle to ensure a fashionable identity and above all, comfort and quality; for example, the bad-ass Clever Underwear Skulls collection or the jump-for-joy Clever Underwear Frogs collection. Have a peek also at the Clever Underwear Dragon and Oriental collections if you have Asian preferences. Packed full of dangerous love? Try the Clever Underwear Skulls & Roses styling if you’re brave enough to show your true colors. For guys with simpler needs, Clever Underwear has you covered with its assortment of basic styles that sacrifice none of the advantages that the more colorful counterparts offer … This enables thrill-seeking customers to have a ball blending styles to their liking, choosing different cuts and designs to the end of creating a look that’s individual and satisfying in the quest for comfortable fun.

On the constituent side of things, the designers behind Clever Underwear products use only high-end fabrics—the ultra soft stretch knits, 91 percent cotton and 9 percent spandex fusions adhere comfortably to you for a body-hugging, package-enhancing look and feel. Nowadays, designers are very skilful at manipulating fabrics in order to produce clothing lines specially suited to accommodating every aspect of your life. Well what article of clothing is more important than what’s closest to your skin? Clever Underwear dares you to come up with a facet of your everyday life that they haven’t made a fun, care-free undergarment especially for.

Take for instance the undeniable sex appeal of the Clever Underwear Mesh Bars Trunk, a hot sheer undergarment with soft stretch cotton panels combined with sheer side and rear panels in a body-contoured design. It’s the perfect way to give you a little coverage while you show off your assets. Or the Clever Underwear Shine Thong, a super-comfortable thong with a sleek, stretch microfiber structure that enables the wearer to avoid unsightly underwear folds that may occur with back pocket-less slacks; also, the logo elastic waistband is designed to sit flush against your body and features a soft rear section for ultimate comfort for total support in a minimal design every time you wear it. How about the Clever Underwear Stripper Brief - its sleek, shiny stretch microfiber construction has an alluring look, smooth feel and has an open side panel to offer a sneak peek at what's underneath… And the Clever Underwear Lounge Pants are 100 percent lightweight cotton for a comfortable night and morning.

In a nutshell: the paneled design, contour pouch and body-hugging fit combine with the best mix of luxury fabrics to make Clever Underwear hands-down one of the most comfortable and enjoyable brands on the market.