Thursday, April 23, 2009

C-IN2 men's underwear represents the words ‘see into’, as in when you don a pair of C-IN2 underwear, you ‘see into’ yourself and what you’re really all about. The whole idea behind this is allowing men to look (and feel) better without clothes than fully dressed. Cool concept, huh? Well, with C-IN2, that’s really just the tip of the iceberg…

The company was co-founded by Gregory Sovell, an ex-partner of another prominent underwear designer who brought it to a similar level of success he has now found with C-IN2, and on his own he has been respectfully and deservedly regarded as a leading innovator in the industry. More precisely, he is credited with setting new standards for quality and fit by re-engineering men's underwear construction methods. Successful people remain focused on their craft no matter the odds, and thus Greg understood through experience that men who are looking for the customary fly-front brief are not his target clientele. Admirably, he constantly raises the bar against himself to design ground-breaking creations and bring them to a point that defies replication. His faithful business partner Jason Zambuto shares this philosophy, both as a tried-and-true business tactic and as an artistic standard for making C-IN2 underwear one of the most in-demand underwear brands ever to hit the marketplace in recent years.

One of C-IN2’s most popular styles is the Low No Show Profile w/ Sling Support Brief. This sling features revolutionary sling support technology created to give you a bigger, more impressive profile. This is achieved through an adjustable 1⁄2” wide elastic sling at the pouch’s interior that forms a ring around your package, which lifts them comfortably forward. Cut to accentuate the lower abdomen and bottom, the Sling Support Lo No Show Brief is the perfect undergarment for wearing with low-rider jeans or trousers.

The C-IN2 Posh collection discerns itself in that it is engineered from a lavish blend of eco-friendly micro-modal material and the right amount of spandex to ensure elasticity. All micro-modal fabrics are feather-light, natural skin huggers, remaining exceptionally soft while retaining their softness even after recurring washes. Therefore comfort and resilience are the mainstays of the C-IN2 Posh collection, not to mention the luxuriously bold modern-day styling.

C-IN2 also has an excellent Pima cotton line that guys love for its marvelous softness. The Kinetic Mesh line is comprised of tank tops, army boxer briefs, profile briefs, strong arm shirts, t-shirts and slip briefs crafted from a unique cotton/spandex performance mesh fabric that’s just the thing for men who frequent the gym and who play active sports. This underwear is stylish, athletic, innovative and technologically advanced.

Another of C-IN2’s best sellers is the Bamboo Mesh Slider Brief, an astoundingly plush, soft underwear item that has natural wicking and antimicrobial elements. Craftily designed in fun colors with contrasting trim, this brief features the exclusive Trophy Shelf pouch, which enhances your profile for a more impressionable look when revealed, wow! Wouldn’t your grand-dad be awe-struck if he could experience the uplifting feeling of today’s underwear had it been available back in his day? In fact, speaking of technological advances, needless to say, men’s tastes didn’t – ahem – extend quite as far as they do these days…

As you may have guessed, C-IN2 underwear collections strive unwaveringly to disappoint no one when it comes to comfort, manageability, and styling. With audaciously original prints, amusing styles and revolutionary enhancements on classic cuts, it shows that Sovell and Zambuto have the smarts, courage and enthusiasm to take risks and also the vast intrinsic grasp of style it takes to be an individualist at the forefront of their game.

Here at Wyzman, we are firmly convinced that very guy deserves not only what he needs, but also what he wants. Whether you’re seeking basics like boxer briefs, jockstraps, trunks or thongs, swimwear, sexy or fashionable underwear, C-IN2 has something for you!