Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Meet the designers - 2xist

Having focused on establishing itself and succeeding as one of the leading designers of stylish and functional underwear over the course of nearly two decades, 2xist men's underwear is tantamount with major sex appeal, cutting edge fashion and outstanding comfort. By attentively responding to men’s demands for new styles and innovative materials, 2xist has become one of the very few iconic all-American brands for men’s designer underwear. Make no mistake about it – this definitely isn’t your average grocery-store variety 3-pack!

Founded in 1991 by Gregory Sovell before the underwear industry became the many-headed beast that it is today, 2xist took what was once a purely practical garment and craftily promoted it to fashion status by applying key elements of great design - cut, materials, and fit; all the best for the refined man with specific needs to ensure comfort all day long.

Through superb quality in a palette of dazzling colors and styling that conforms to the body’s natural contours, the creativity and comfort exclusive to 2xist men's underwear can be seen and felt in every brief, boxer, jock strap, trunk, and thong that bears its logo. The tank tops and t-shirts are equally recommendable, especially the square neck tanks, which are offered in an assortment of styles and some very fashionable colors, together with the Contrast Square Cut Tank in sage-army, navy-bleached blue, royal blue-black, and the ever-classic black and white. Men who own them agree that the square neck tank visibly augments the look of shoulders and biceps (and it’s worth mentioning that 2xist has an extensive collection of over a dozen sensational sock designs too - typical of 2xist, the fabric is original and the attention to design detail is what men have come to expect and appreciate from this fashion-forward brand).

Ranging from ringspun & combed cotton to nylon & polyester fabrics, 2xist’s versatile garments carefully cater to everyday purposes whether you’re at work or play, or simply relaxing. Massively popular with men all over the world, the 2xist brand has a fitting garment to perfectly complement your level of activity, assuring you the best in comfort through long hours at the office, your training program at the gym, a hard days’ work at the loading dock, sweat-filled fun on the playing field, the sensuality of the bedroom and anywhere & everywhere in between!

For a closer look, take the 2xist Original Contour Pouch Brief, which gets rave reviews from our customers who love the feel, comfort, and premium fabric you’d expect from such a prestigious brand. The 2xist Track Collection is also admired by many active men as it offers great support in briefs and trunks. The 2xist Contrast Collection makes a courageous statement with its highlighted waistbands and trim. The Varsity Collection should cater to you very well if you’re the traditionalist athletic type, with its straightforward (but not ordinary) lines and trunk sustain.

As a solid example of the company’s dedication to innovation, spring 2006 saw 2xist introducing the first line of soy underwear ever created. As opposed to conventional cotton garments that are derived directly from the cotton fiber plant (which is doused in 25% of the world’s synthetic insecticides), the soy fiber alternative was manufactured using natural chemicals that are packed with amino acids that complement those of humans, in addition to absorbing 99.7 % of ultraviolet rays. This eco-conscious line appealed equally to the soul as well as to the skin.

Just ask any faithful customer of 2xist and he’ll describe the brand as practical, first-rate garments that don’t skimp on style or comfort. Chances are, if you’re a fashion-conscious man with an eye for what’s chic and has a healthy preference for high-quality garments, either you or someone you know already owns something with the 2xist logo on it. The millions of men around the world with discerning tastes who consistently update their wardrobe are what keep 2xist an influentially trend-setting powerhouse in the industry.

As 2xist continues to evolve, we can expect to see fresh collections and up-to-the-minute inventive materials as the brand continues ‘to exist’, progressing and redefining the men’s underwear and bodywear categories worldwide.