Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Meet the designers - Andrew Christian

Andrew Christian, the designer, became interested in fashion at an early age and chose that path as a career without hesitation. Right after he graduated from high school in Fresno, California he moved to LA when he was 19 years old to begin working in the fashion industry. Before very long, he decided that working for other people wasn’t fulfilling enough and after honing his fashion chops working for various designers, the gifted young designer focused on putting his plan into action, which was to have his own brand as an outlet for his unique vision.

Andrew Christian, the line, was announced in 2001and quickly carved its own niche amongst the other well-known designers of its generation. Despite producing a wide range of contemporary collections of urban-inspired menswear products such as edgy tees, swimwear, his instantly recognizable jean line and various accessories, Andrew Christian’s striking underwear line has made the most impact in the fashion world, growing in popularity and securing itself a place in select boutiques across the globe but most notably at Kitson Men (Los Angeles), Fred Segal (Los Angeles), and Patricia Field (New York), to name but a few. And there’s no sign of that slowing down in the least.

The designer’s bold, attention-getting colors, simply distinctive designs and body enhancing trim combine to create underwear that will shroud your body, making it alluring, sexy and irresistible. Known for its cutting edge and unique vision that other brands try to imitate but can never equal, and with a vast reach in styles from low-cut and super low cut briefs to boxer briefs and jock straps, Andrew Christian’s array of underwear collections also include great-fitting "uber-trendy" printed and custom-designed woven men’s undergarments.

Convoluted, intricately-designed techniques using nail-studding, full-color printed graphics and hybrid materials such as sports mesh and baby thermal are featured in many of Andrew Christian’s collections. New technology and pioneering super eco-friendly fibers were recently introduced as components for some new lines: the Flashback Butt Lifting and Contouring Technology enables you to create the illusion of the coveted ‘bubble butt’ without the extra hours at the gym; the composition and stitching of the underwear automatically lifts the buttocks, making them appear firmer and rounder.

Need further proof about what makes Andrew Christian underwear so popular? Charismatic sophistication, animal energy and physical dynamics are all utilized to create a product that you want to wear and show off, and that makes others admire and desire you. Andrew Christian fashions are worn by Hollywood celebrities, professional models, top-rated athletes, visionary entrepreneurs and so many other types of successful and attractive men. You can trust Andrew Christian to solidify your status as a man who knows what he wants, and let’s face it - what you want is to be noticed and recognized as a man of fine taste who’ll settle for no less than the best. And that spells Andrew Christian.

2008 has proven to be an exciting year for Andrew, who in the past year revealed his first women’s line, introducing a super-soft underwear made from bamboo fiber. The fabrics made from bamboo are the most supple in the entire collection. They have natural antibacterial agents and come from a replenishable eco-friendly resource. Andrew’s women’s line was recently featured on an episode of The Janice Dickinson Modeling Agency - Andrew was knowledgeable enough to cast the Janice Dickenson Models to star in his edgy campaign, thereby earning himself a starring spot on the trendy Oxygen reality show.

What began as a dream has resulted into a worldwide sensation including a global-covering campaign to promote the new Andrew Christian women’s line of underwear. Plans are already underway for Andrew Christian to be featured in boutiques across the world: Australia, Belgium, Canada, China, France, Germany, Guam, Ireland, Italy, Japan, Mexico, Norway, Singapore, South Africa, Spain, Switzerland, Taiwan, United Kingdom, and United Arab Emirates.